On July 2, Saweetie celebrated another trip around the sun with an extravagant birthday look that embodies the phrase “go big or go home.” Realistically, what else would we expect from the Cancer rapper, known for her bedazzled nails as long as lipstick tubes and bold hair colors and cuts? Her 29th birthday look has all the elements that define her signature style: inches and inches of hair, super long acrylic nails, and lots of bling. 

She posted a few photos of the gorgeous birthday look to Instagram on July 4, showing off her mile-long curls nearly as white as snow, pastel purple eye makeup, and baby blue nail design full of iridescent gems. She is seen in a cutout purple dress with her platinum blonde curls cascading over one of her shoulders, the ends almost grazing her knees. Though she tends to switch up her hair color often, she’s indulged in her blonde era many times before with this bright hue, just like when she chopped off her hair into a platinum-blonde buzz cut right at the end of 2021. 

The light hair color pairs beautifully with her lavender cut crease, which also complements her gown perfectly. You’d think the light purple shade would also make an appearance on her nails, but not at all. Instead, this stiletto manicure was painted a light blue hue, which feels like an apt choice for the water sign. Each icy blue nail was filled with opalescent jewels of various sizes running straight down the middle. We swear these pointy claws are longer than her own fingers — it might be one of the longest sets she has had to date. 

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