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Happy August, hot ScorpioLast month, when Chiron went retrograde, the stars asked you to stop beating yourself up over things that happened in the past. You indeed have a stinger, but sometimes, you turn it on yourself. On Monday, August 1, one of your ruling planets, the warrior Mars, conjuncts the rebel planet Uranus. This energy is revolutionary in that it helps you break free from such bad habits. So look at you, Scorpio, working on becoming your best self. Remember that self-care and mental health milestones deserve celebration, too.   

A great night to treat yourself is Thursday, August 11, which brings a full moon in Aquarius, the alien of the zodiac. Full moons can spark paranoia, and with the quirky influence of Aquarius, you might feel anxious around this time, Scorpio. It’s an excellent night for staying in, but if you do hit the town, create an escape plan. Oh, are you bored at a party? Good, get the hell out of there and watch your favorite TV show curled up with your pet, and don’t forget the snacks. 

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When one of your ruling planets, Mars (the other is Pluto), enters Gemini on Saturday, August 20, you find yourself feeling assertive. Use this like a superpower. Of course, being assertive is different from being unkind, but despite your spooky reputation, Scorpio, you still struggle to advocate for your needs. This transit makes doing so much easier, so take advantage of the star power. Don’t be shy when setting boundaries with family, making your voice heard at the office, or ensuring your needs are met in your romantic relationships. 

However, Scorpio, don’t forget that even if you are monogamous, one person cannot meet all of your needs. When reliable Virgo season begins on Monday, August 22, you see yourself spending time with friends. While Leo season is always full of rooftop parties and weekend getaways, when the sun enters Virgo, you’re more interested in low-key dinner parties or movie nights with your besties. It’s okay to lean on your friends for support, Scorpio, but remember to give them a chance to vent, too.

While we’re talking about support systems outside romantic relationships, if you’re not already working with a therapist, Scorpio, Uranus retrograde is the perfect excuse to begin. Starting on Wednesday, August 24, the rebellious planet will be retrograde for five months, encouraging you to continue to shake off unhealthy habits while cultivating your best life. While all of this is for the best, don’t be surprised if you see some shakeups in your friend circles. Friend breakups can be hard, but sometimes necessary to make room for our new chosen family. Finally, since you probably need it (no offense) make sure to use the new moon in Virgo on Saturday, August 27 to catch up on sleep. See you next month! 

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