If you haven’t heard the news, the 2022 Emmy nominations were announced on July 12, 2022. Shortly after, Sydney Sweeney — who received not one but two best-supporting actor nominations for her roles in the HBO series Euphoria and The White Lotus — posted to Instagram the special moment she shared the news with her mother on the phone while sitting in the passenger seat of a car. 

The actor captioned the Instagram post, “What a morning! thank you so much to the @televisionacad for my Emmy nominations! It’s an honor to know that both Olivia and Cassie have connected with so many. I’m so proud of both these shows and grateful to everybody that’s been apart of them. But most importantly mom, I love you, we did it through the ups and downs! thank you thank you!!”

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While I could only imagine what getting the news as an actor that you’ve been nominated for two Emmys must feel like, what made the moment even better was the low-key messy bun, oversized sweatshirt, and flowy pink skirt Sweeney was rocking in the video. Was she expecting a phone call? Did she know the Emmy nominations were coming out that day? Was she planning on recording the phone call? So many questions run through my mind after watching this video over and over again, but one thing’s for certain: her mom is incredibly proud of her. 

Sweeney also showed some humor to lighten the mood after watching her shed a few tears with the following two photos in the carousel of her Instagram post. The first photo was the infamous one of her as Euphoria‘s Cassie crying a river while rocking two face-framing baby braids on either side of her middle part. The second photo was a screenshot of her as Olivia Mossbacher in The White Lotus, wearing some appropriately beachy waves and black sunglasses. Olivia might’ve looked too cool for school… but Sweeney is definitely not too cool for the Emmys. 

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