It’s obvious that a bonnet has had the power of protecting hair of every texture and length for generations on end. Bonnets work hard at keeping hair healthy and frizz-free while stylish, at that. But how does one guarantee how sturdy and secure their chosen headpiece will truly be? 

Take a scroll through bonnet-maker James E Nix Jr‘s Twitter feed, and you’ll find yourself not only amused but in awe of how durable (and viral) his bonnet creations have become. Nix’s genius and comedic marketing strategy involve several viral videos that begin with the words, “I promise y’all will look at my non-slip bonnets differently after this video.”

It’s as simple as tying a brick to one end of a string while the opposite end of the string is tied to the tip of the bonnet (placed on his head). As he begins to run down the block, a tug to the headpiece drags the heavy brick along behind him. With no signs of any slipping and a total of 3.6 million views, the threshold of his bonnet is proven within 10 seconds of this viral video clip. 

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