Oh! Got me in the eye!

[upbeat music]

[Together] All right.

[Together] Oh!

This is giving, Chihuahua I Don’t Even Know Ha.


Ooo. This dog is serving me, Trinity To Talk on Her Way.

Why was I thinking the same thing?

[Woman In Purple Dress] Girl

It’s giving,

Trinity On The Way To Go And Get A Touch-up.

Look, it’s uncanny.

The resemblance is uncanny.


[upbeat music]

[all laughing]

[All] Woo!

[calming music]

I want you to close your eyes.

Think positive thoughts.

Now think negative thoughts.

Got a lot.

Breathe in

and together with me.

[loudly exhaling]

One more time.

[loudly exhaling]

Are we supposed to let it go?

[Person Leading Meditation] Yes.

And on the last one, we’re gonna scream together.

Oh yes.

On the count of 3: 1, 2, 3.

[all screaming]



Must I stay?

[upbeat music]

Monet, you’re beautiful,

and I’m gonna try to match your beauty on this canvas.

Thank you. I won’t look.

Please don’t.

[Person Offscreen] It better be the right shade.

The right shade or else we’re gonna read that ass.

[Person Offscreen] She got that head shape right.

What the [beep]?


What is that?

It’s like when you go to Six Flags.

[Woman Posing] We’re doing a caricature.

[Person Offscreen] Caricature.

A Mr. Potato Head, apparently.

[Person Offscreen] A little bit.

Look, it’s giving!

[Person Offscreen] Right.

What it’s giving me is super villain origin story.

Those are some thick lashes, okay.

I only have like neutrals and blush.

That’s all I wear is neutrals and blush.



[upbeat music]

I’m gonna staple some [beep] on my body.

Right there.

[Person Offscreen] Oh my God.

And then she’s gonna stay there.

You wrap it all the way around, like a real pageant woman.

You wanna make sure it hits your tuck.


Let’s leave a little more.

Let’s use – Yeah.

[Person Offscreen] Very Cyclops.

We’re going places with this.

And then you’re gonna take a shoe to show people

that you love to spend money on things.

And then a lipstick to show people exactly where

they can kiss it.

And this is your pageant creation.

Oh wait. No, you can’t have it without flowers.

[Person Offscreen] I could just watch that on a loop.

[upbeat music]

I think I’m gonna be terrible at this.

I thought you had your own called Delusion.


But you know, it never really took off.

Did these?

This right here, I feel like this is probably

the most recognizable fragrance.


It’s easy to tell who this is.

Katy Perry.

I love it.

Smells cheap. Just like me.

The bottle looks kind of masculine.

So I have a good guess.

What do you think it is?

Danny DeVito.

Oh! Got me in the eye!

Wow. It burns!

Okay. Are these perfumes are like mace, honey.

Give it, give it.

It’s like perfume and [beep] repellent.

Who did this? Paris Hilton?

[Person Offscreen] Does it smell like Hilton?

Who is this?

[Person Offscreen] Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber?

What’s it called? Leak News?

It’s called –


[upbeat music]

This week, the girls were challenged to make a dress

with absolutely no fabric at all.

While in a room of bees, while being set on fire.

May the best drag queen win.


The winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race will receive $100,000,

courtesy of Krispy Kreme, and a lifetime supply

of hate mail from their fans.

[all laughing]

For the first time in drag race herstory, there’s a tie.

A tie?

[upbeat music]

You’re looking at me.

I’m looking at you.

You’re looking at me.

I’m looking at you.

You’re looking at me.

I’m looking at you.

You’re at me looking at me!

I’m looking at you.

You’re looking at me?

I’m looking at you.

You’re looking at me.

Oh, I’m looking at you.

You’re looking at me.

Oh, I’m looking at you.

You’re looking at me.

Oh, I’m looking at you.

You’re looking at me!

Oh, I, well, I’m looking at you.

[upbeat rock music]

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