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Follow this tutorial and try out these modern wedding hairstyles! Which look is your favorite? Let us know in the comments. 👋

In this video Istiana and Gillian both wear Chocolate Brown Luxy Hair Extensions.

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16 thoughts on “Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

  1. Why do you sit the headband so far back? And I have this extension and I don't like how low it is on sides how do I style with out sides showing when do half up dos

  2. I lift the back and pull the front around to the back and put a small binder in than drop the back so it falls obet the pony i just put in i find doing this the front stays tight and in place for the whole day with out any touch up it also allows me to pull it all into 1 pony if i need to than drop back hair back down my back when ready to go out

  3. I’m debating on buying this. I lost hair from having my baby. And wanted to try extension but I’m a bit nervous especially with the pricing I just wish I can afford it. With having my son not working and being laid off it’s hard. I would have love to order some. One day

  4. Hola chicas!! Si queréis ver un canal de peinados en español, mi canal es para ti! Ya he subido mi primer video y seguiré subiendo un video nuevo cada domingo. Un besitoo.❤️

  5. Hello can u guys make a video about how to reduce frizzy and dry hair without air blowing. I really need help my hair is bad and not healthy no matter what I eat or drink nor use for it to tame down. I’m so desperate please help me out I cannot handle it any more.🥺😩

  6. My hair is straight and thin. If I curl it in the morning by noon it's straight again. Soo, that is why I include braiding in styling my hair or updos. 🙂

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