When I first rubbed Nativa SPA’s Quinoa Firming Body Lotion on my body, I practically fell in love with how the aromatic cream softened my skin and made me want to continuously sniff myself. It’s one of the four travel-sized body lotions in the brand’s Starter Kit, which I got to try, and I wanted to see how the others would measure up. Each rich cream left my skin feeling smooth, moisturized, and soft to the touch. In addition to the nourishing formulas, which are all infused with quinoa oil, the other three lotions have glorious scents, albeit all are a bit different, which I enjoy a lot. Madagascar Vanilla Soothing and Shea Ultra Moisturizing Body Lotions fall into the sweet scent category. On the other hand, the Rosé Replenishing lotion has a floral aroma that is the strongest of the four scents. Now, I won’t be able to leave the house without at least one of these in my bag.

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