Let’s talk about the skin-care brand your friends, your colleagues, and even your mother have probably tried at some point in their lives: Paula’s Choice. The Seattle-based skin-care brand is a gem in the skin-care industry for many reasons. It never tests on animals (hooray, cruelty-free!), and never includes fragrances, dyes, or other ingredients known for causing irritation in its formulations. 

Within its various different collections, like Resist, Clear, and Skin Perfecting, there are an array of products that cater to all skin types and skin concerns — from gentle exfoliators that won’t irritate the most sensitive skin to rich moisturizers that those with oily skin won’t be able to live without. The brand even makes it super easy to find products that work for your skin and your concerns. On its website, you can shop by skin type and or by certain ingredients. 

They’ve even won a few Best of Beauty awards (looking at you, Omega+ Complex Serum) and some even went viral on TikTok (yeah, we’re talking about the Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid)

Without giving away too much more, behold, our favorite 11 products from Paula’s Choice (though we know that there are many more to love).

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