Being complimented on your hair can boost your self-esteem. Even if you’re feeling down and you hear compliments about it, it suddenly changes your mood. That is why when it’s trendy in town, everyone wants to try it because it gives you the feeling of being accepted. Being fabulous depends on how you look at yourself. If you’re having trouble trying this trendy hairstyle, here are some tips you can follow.

For Starterpack

Having brown hair naturally makes it easy to lighten your overalls by adding blonde highlights. Although it will look best if the highlights are two shades lighter than your hair and if you don’t want to have thin highlights, you can try platinum blonde, a few shades wider if you have long hair. You can also try a touch of gray or golden blonde.

In What Hairstyle?

If you’re having trouble with what hairstyle would suit your blonde highlights on brown hair, take a deep breath and smile because it’s not a big problem. You can try several different styles to get dark hair with blonde highlights.

1.  Bob Cut

It is the most popular hairstyle that we have. Although it is usual, you can spice this up with blonde highlights to look more elegant.

2.  Shaggy

A layered cut gives an illusion of volume to your hair, and it will look so chic by adding blonde highlights.

3.  V Cut

It is a v-shaped hairstyle that has points at the end. This hairstyle is fabulous, with curly hair with blonde highlights.

4.  Straight Cut

It is the most popular hairstyle that we have. Although it is usual, you can spice this up with blonde highlights to look more elegant.

And if you’re thinking, what length would it fit? You can have it long or short, straight hair or curly; it depends upon your taste or anything you want to achieve.

How Long Can You Keep The Shade Of Blonde Highlights?

To keep the color of your hair longer, you can purchase a product or shampoo on the market or in a salon. There is a tinting shampoo that you can buy in a store or a salon; it’s the one that has a shade of purple. These products are for blonde hair that will also help you have a vibrant and shiny color.

Hair Care Methods

Once you’ve colored your hair or have some highlights, you should include this in your daily routine. It may add up to your hair care routine. Based on experience, try to avoid washing your hair daily because the wash of the hair dye goes away. Why not try dry shampoo? And if you can’t avoid taking a shower every day, here are some ways to do it.

Color-Treated Hair

If you are using your daily shampoo and conditioner, switch to the color-treated products because they have a formulation, especially for blonde highlighted hair. Aside from protecting your hair from frizziness caused by the highlights, the color-treated shampoo and conditioner will give you the extra glowing and more vibrant color because of the exact formulation that the product has.

Heat Protectant

Adding volume to your brown hair with blonde highlights makes you look fresh and young, but before using any styling tool, apply a heat protectant, and it may come in different variations; serum, cream, or spray. If you blow it dry, try not to do it every day, give your hair a break, and practice air-drying from time to time.

Hair Mask

Although this is optional, it relaxes your hair and keeps it alive and healthy. You can use a mask once or twice a week; depending on the product, apply it to your hair and leave it for a couple of minutes.

In General

Can brown hair get blonde highlights? The answer is definitely yes! Brown hair can get blonde highlights. It’s better to stick to two shades lighter than your hair color for the highlights to blend in naturally with your most wanted brown hair blonde highlights.

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