Self-care rituals begin with one common step: Pulling your hair away from the face, whether by tying up in a ponytail, sheathing it in a bonnet, or simply pulling it back with a headband. On August 21, Ariana Grande made an example of just that. She introduced the launch of her new body-care collection with her natural curls flowing in rhythm to music so soothing to the soul, you can’t help but want to tie up your own hair and indulge in some home-spa remedies of your own. 

In the video, she leaned her head against her arm while laying in a white bathtub with her hair tied up in a bun and loose curls stemming from the hairline. Grande’s curls, as compared to her signature high ponytail, are a rare sighting. But in her most recent moments, the beauty entrepreneur has been flaunting her seemingly natural state with both makeup-free skin, and now she’s doing the same with her textured waves. 

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In my mind, I’ll always paint the picture of Grande first and foremost as the character in Victorious with that signature red hair. Ever since then, (I’m talking nearly a decade ago), Grande has gone back to her brunette roots while staying true to the high ponytail, experimenting with anime-inspired pigtails, and even trying blown-out curtain bangs. While each style continues to look absolutely beautiful on her, the latest low-key content and visuals Grande has shared on her social platforms stand as my favorite. 

In the name of beauty, Grande continues to showcase the power of her products while stunning her worldwide fan base with her naturally curly hair. Grande, if you’re listening, all I’m saying is that I’m not opposed to more. 

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