Blackpink made history at the 2022 MTV VMAs tonight: The group is the first female K-pop ensemble to win the Moonman for best metaverse performance, and they are also nominated for group of the year. Fans know this is a huge deal, as the group has just come off of a two-year hiatus — and they’re rejoicing by asking via the hashtag: “How you like that for a comeback?”

The group arrived on the VMAs black carpet in matching style: All of the members wore different iterations of a classic black dress, giving us a lesson on how to wear a turtleneck, cutouts, lace, and ribbon.

The singers wore similar rosy shades across their lips, and while their attires created a sea of sparkling black, there were tiny touches that showcased each singer’s personal style. The biggest differences were in their vastly different manicures. You’ll see glitter, nude, pink nail art, and what appears to be matte black on their respective fingertips. The manicures are of different lengths and shapes, too. (Peep the long almond nails and elegant coffins.) 

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