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Welcome to September, Cancer. The end of August saw you reconnecting with friends during the dark new moon. Remember, dear crab, staying connected to platonic friends is helpful for your love life. Even if you are monogamous, no one person can be your everything. But when the ruler of romance, Venus, enters practical Virgo on Sunday, September 4, and the communication sector of your chart, you feel motivated to take care of any intimidating conversations you’ve been putting off with a crush or partner. This could mean anything from telling your significant other that you’re ready to get married, open up the relationship, or even asking a crush out. Getting these talks out of the way early in the month is advisable because Mercury goes retrograde on Friday, September 9, prompting the usual communication mishaps. 

The next day, Saturday, September 10, brings a full moon in intuitive Pisces. Because you are ruled by the moon, lunations can affect you more than other signs, Cancer. Full moons can be emotional and stressful times — August’s “Strawberry Supermoon” proved as much — but especially with the influence of dreamy Pisces, they can also heighten your psychic abilities. Keep a notebook with you this day, and write down any messages or waves of intuition that come your way. You should also pay attention to your dreams during this time, writing down anything important as soon as you wake up. 

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Libra season begins on Thursday, September 22. This is also the first day of fall, and the autumn equinox. On this date, light and dark are equal, which sets the tone for Libra season. Libra is the sign of balance, justice, and partnership. Over the next few weeks, you’re more interested in snuggling at home, whether it’s with your pet, favorite blanket, or partner than partying on the town. Having a happy home environment is critical to your wellbeing, Cancer, so use Libra season to get nice and cozy (just in time for cuffing season).

There is a new moon in Libra on Sunday, September 25. New moons are a potent time for cleansing and protection magic. Because Libra illuminates the sector of your chart which rules your home life, this is an ideal night to perform a house blessing spell. You can do this by running sage or palo santo through your space, lighting a blue candle for tranquility, or sprinkling salt outside your front door to keep the scaries away.

It’s an ideal time to clear your home of any negative energies. When Venus enters its home sign of Libra on Thursday, September 29, the stars predict smooth sailing in your love life. As the season fades to fall, romance blossoms, and you’re spending more time at home, potentially with a lover. Turn your space into a tranquil oasis perfect for getting tangled in bedsheets or relaxing on the couch. Enjoy, and see you next month, Cancer.

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