“And then, you have to close out with the moisturizer,” Ciara says. “That’s important. You got to add that layer of moisture that keeps the skin, again, protected and moisturized.”

This moisturizer, in particular, dispenses with a pump, which is an element Sarah admires about it. “I love not having to wash my hands to scoop out product from a jar or tub,” she says. 

Sarah also notes that her skin loves this formula. In addition to the complex, good ol’ hyaluronic acid, emollient-rich squalane, and skin-strengthening ceramides make appearances on the Radiance Moisturizer’s ingredient list. “It leaves skin with that deeply-moisturizing feel and made my complexion noticeably glowy,” Jihan adds. 

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What really stood out to me though is the moisturizer’s velvety feel, which I’ve never really experienced with a moisturizer before other than Glass Lizzard’s Bouncy Balm. I love layering that onto my skin before bed, while I prefer OAM’s Radiance Moisturizer for daytime use because I can barely feel it on my skin. Sarah has incorporated it in both her a.m. and p.m. skin-care routines because she’s not a fan of thick moisturizers. 

My Scorpio senses are telling me a richer formula might be next on OAM’s roster for nighttime use, though, as well as sunscreen. Speaking of which, if you’re using these products during the day, I beg that you finish off your OAM regimen with SPF. Many of the products are spiked with retinol, which can make your skin sensitized with sun exposure. 

“Since retinol brings your skin back to its normal balance, it can make your skin more easily prone to burning,” Caroline Chang, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist in Rhode Island. Chang previously told Allure. “The way to combat this would be to wear sunscreen daily while using a retinol — which is something everyone should be doing anyway.”

Phew, that was a lot of info. I’m sure you’re ready to get all these goodies on your skin. Starting September 15, all of On A Mission’s vitamin C excellence will be available on individually ranging from $28 to $62, as well as in bundles priced from $75 to $160 on oamskin.com.

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