When it comes to wigs, every girl wants a natural-looking finish. Unfortunately, there’s a very real learning curve when it comes to getting your wig to look natural. And it doesn’t help that most wigs come with bulky hairlines, dark knots, loud lace, and an overall fake-looking appearance. But Clear Lace wigs are changing the wig game by offering a whole new level of undetectability.

If you’re a wig newbie, or you’re tired of your wigs looking “wiggy,” this article is your godsend! In it, we will be discussing Clear Lace wigs: what they are and why they’ll quickly become your new wig bestie.

What are Clear Lace Wigs?

Clear Lace wigs are an all-new wig type that offers a more natural appearance than other lace wigs. As you might assume, they are made of clear lace that’s virtually undetectable, and they have a simulated hairline that blends in with your own. The appearance of Clear Lace wigs surpasses HD Lace, regular Swiss Lace, and every other lace type you’ve ever heard of. They also come with a 13X6 lace front and a Clean Hairline.

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The Benefits of Clear Lace Wigs

The benefits of Clear Lace Wigs are clear (no pun intended). Here are just a few reasons why you’ll love them:

  • The lace is clear, so it easily blends into absolutely any skin tone. There’s no need for color-matching your lace or applying foundation to melt your unit.
  • The hairline is pre-plucked, and by that we mean pre-plucked to the gawds!  Pre-plucked wigs often need a little extra tweezing here and there – 100% not needed with Clear Lace wigs.
  • They feature high-quality Swiss Lace, which means it’s thinner, softer, and more durable than most other lace types.
  • Since they don’t require plucking, blending, or other complicated wig installation techniques, they’re perfect for even the newest wig wearers. To get a natural wig slay with a Clear Lace wig, all you need to do is braid or slick your natural hair down, put on a skin-colored wig cap, cut off the excess wig lace, and then put on the wig. It just doesn’t get easier.
  • They are always made with 100% human virgin hair.

The result? A no-fuss wig that’s practically indistinguishable from your own hair and gives scalp at every angle!

What Do Clear Lace Wigs Cost?

With such amazing benefits, you’d expect that you have to pay an arm and a leg for your Clear Lace wig, but that’s not the case. In fact, Clear Lace wigs are surprisingly affordable. Depending on the length, color, density, and style of your unit, you can expect to pay as little as $290.

Where to Get Your Clear Lace Wig

Clear Lace wigs are the latest advancement in wig technology, and ladies everywhere are loving them! Supplies are exclusive, so you won’t find them everywhere. They’re only at XRS Beauty Hair. Hop on over there to check out their collection of Clear Lace wigs. 

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