A representative did not respond to Allure’s specific questions but shared a statement that read in part “L’Oréal USA is committed to ensuring that all employees and their covered dependents enrolled in our medical plans continue to have equitable access to comprehensive, high-quality and affordable health care regardless of where they live.” This includes up to $4,000 in travel and lodging expenses incurred when accessing a service not available within 50 miles of their home. “The company’s medical plans will continue to provide coverage for elective and therapeutic abortion procedures, as well as medications such as Plan B and the Morning After Pill, in the states in which those procedures are legal.”

Lululemon *

On June 24, the brand pledged $500,000 to the Center for Reproductive Rights in an Instagram post. The post also said Lululemon would “continue to support organizations such as the Black Women’s Health Imperative.” 

Lush Cosmetics *

“We have been, and continue to be, very vocal in our advocacy for support for everyone seeking abortion and affirm that no one should be denied access to safe, legal abortion,” a representative for Lush told Allure. “Over the last year, we campaigned in six states with the message, ‘Bans Off Our Bodies’ and thousands of customers took action to email their state legislatures.” 

Internally, Lush has added an enhancement to its health care benefits “to address a variety of medical needs, including abortion and gender-affirming care, that may require travel to different states,” the representative added. Through its Charity Pot body lotion (100 percent of its purchase price, minus taxes, is donated to small grassroots groups), Lush has supported grassroots initiatives that include reproductive rights, but did not provide specifics. 

MAC made a statement — now a pinned Instagram highlight — that it “believe[s] in safe and accessible reproductive health care and remain committed — now more than ever — to promoting equality and healthy futures for all ages, all races, all genders.” The MAC Viva Glam fund also pledged to donate $50,000 to Planned Parenthood.

Mary Kay

The brand did not respond to multiple requests for comment and Allure could not find any public statements from the company about the recent Roe decision. Mary Kay is based in Texas, where abortion will soon be banned in all cases, except when a mother’s life is at risk.

Milk Makeup

Previously, on June 29, the brand posted a public statement to Instagram, which stated that it “firmly believes in equality and the freedom to live your life how you choose” and that “this decision affects our community — and will have an especially profound impact on LGBTQIA+ people and Black women whose access to quality healthcare [and] maternal health outcomes are already disproportionately lower.” The brand also noted that “In addition to our [existing] policy to provide comprehensive health and reproductive care…Milk Makeup expanded its policies to include travel reimbursement for any medical procedure an employee or their dependents have to receive out of state. The company is also matching employee donations to 501(c)(3) organizations dedicated to providing safe and equal health care to all.” A representative for the brand sent the same statement when Allure reached out for comment.


After the June 24 decision, the brand posted abortion resources on Instagram with a statement: “As a female-founded brand committed to the empowerment of women and mothers, Mutha stands in solidarity with those who have lost the constitutional right to make a choice over their bodies.” Five percent of every full-priced sale at Mutha goes to the International Medical Corps, “supporting mothers and maternal health where maternal mortality is highest,” a representative told Allure. Mutha will also pay travel costs for employees who don’t have access to abortion and reproductive health care in their state.

NARS is a Shiseido Americas subsidiary; a representative for the brand directed Allure to the parent company’s corporate statement, which reads: “Shiseido Americas supports all individuals as they make the best personal health decisions for themselves and their families – including when it comes to pregnancy and reproductive healthcare. Today, we are working to expand our employee benefits to cover travel and other expenses for those of our employees who seek certain reproductive health procedures which may not be available nearby.”

Natureofthings *

On its Instagram Stories, Natureofthings shared a statement in support of Roe v. Wade after its reversal. Cofounder Jamie Leilani Pelayo told Allure that she has reached out to local activists and organizers from her home state of Missouri to offer support, including using her house in California for people traveling to the state for an abortion. The brand also participated in a local beauty sale, the proceeds of which went to the Los Angeles chapter of Planned Parenthood.


When asked to comment on the Roe v. Wade reversal, representatives from Nordstrom shared two internal memos — one dated July 24, the other July 1 — from Pete and Erik Nordstrom. The memos included an announcement that expanded travel coverage to “support U.S. employees seeking abortion or gender-affirming health care that is not locally available,” as well as travel and lodging reimbursements (for employees and family members) up to $4,000.

Nuria Beauty *

The brand posted in support of reproductive rights and access to safe abortions on Instagram, including information on how to donate to Planned Parenthood, noting that Nuria Beauty supports the Global Girls’ Bill of Rights, which outlines fundamental rights for girls around the globe, including access to free reproductive health care. 

The skin-care brand posted in support of abortion rights on Instagram, noting that its parent company, Kendo, had made a donation to Planned Parenthood. A representative also told Allure, “We know that some of our team may be impacted by this decision, so we will support travel costs and lodging for impacted team members to safely receive reproductive health care.”

Otherland *

Otherland signed and participated in Planned Parenthood’s Bans Off Our Bodies Walkout, a national day of action to amplify the fight for abortion rights across the U.S., show support for abortion providers, and set the stage for future actions over the next few months. The brand currently has one employee living outside of the New York City area and is committed to providing time off and travel financial assistance should she need to leave her home state for an abortion.


Representatives for hairstylist Jen Atkin’s brand declined to comment. But in an Instagram post after the recent ruling, an Ouai Instagram caption said the team was “disillusioned and deeply saddened,” and that, regarding its staff, “the first priority is ensuring we have the right policies and support for our employees to navigate this reality.”

Also known as P&G, this multinational corporation owns a wide range of brands, including beauty and personal care lines such as Clearblue, Herbal Essences, Pantene, Olay, Secret, and Tampax.

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