Is there anything Doja Cat can’t do? We can officially add “nail artist” to the musician’s long list of talents, as Doja showed off her manicure skills on Instagram with a super cool galactic design she created herself.

Doja shared her 3D design in a short video, displaying a set of bronze and silver nails embellished with planet-inspired swirls and spheres. “Just made these nails today I’m f**king snapping,” she wrote of her work. 

The set features silver squiggles, ovals, and lots of different textures as well as big dots in a pearly color and a jelly gold hue. The nails are relatively short, making the design all the more bold and impactful. They’re giving us visions of her otherworldly Schiaparelli outfit from the Billboard Music Awards in the spring, which came complete with a Saturn-themed handbag and jewelry in place of nail art for a surrealist vibe.

Designing her own nail art and doing her own manicures seems to be a creative passion for Doja. In early July, she shared another set of squiggles and dots in a palette of pink, white, and silver, saying, “Did my nails. Took me 6 hours. They’re very cool and I like them.” While the star has fun DIYing sets, she’s also known for her more elaborate designs for red carpet events, performances and photo shoots, like the blue-accented mani she shared in March. Doja often works with nail artist Saccia, who has created a plethora of jaw-dropping manicures for the musician, including her Grammy nails.

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