A brand-new hairstyle is practically mandatory after a breakup. For some, this involves opting for shock factor with a color transformation, but nine times out of ten, a shorter chop delivers the desired refresh. Cast your mind back over your own breakups, and you’ll likely remember times when you used a new look to help you mentally move onto a new chapter. Could it be that Emily Ratajkowski is doing just that?

Having reportedly broken up with her husband of four years, Sebastian Bear-McClard (though she has not commented publicly on the subject), the model and author posted an Instagram Story on August 9 showing off a brand new hair look. Parting with breakup haircut convention, Ratajkowski has actually opted for a longer look, presumably making use of some hair extensions to add length and dimension to her previously mid-length style.

Falling to her waist, and with lots of layers and natural texture through mid-lengths and ends, EmRata’s new style is very long-hair-don’t-care. The longer layers are a lighter chestnut color than her chocolate brown strands for a subtle ombré effect. It is hair that’s guaranteed to turn heads – not least when paired with an arresting pose, little black dress, and – let’s face it – Ratajkowski’s killer body. 

She might be breaking with tradition, but going from shoulder-skimming hair to mermaid lengths is just as good a way to mark a fresh start as a – and we love that for Emily. 

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