From Prince of HipHop to King of Men’s haircare accessories in the beauty industry, Shad Moss, also known as Bow Wow entered the scene at 13, in the year 2000, when he debuted his first album titled “Beware of Dog.” Bow Wow has gone from rapper to actor to entrepreneur and he’s proven to be a man of many talents. He’s made movie appearances in films such as, All About The Benjamins, Johnson Family Vacation, Like Mike, Roll Bounce, etc. While furthering his acting career in many other films and being featured in television shows. He’s released 6 studio albums, tours with countless sold out shows, and has being rewarded for his accomplishments over the years. He was most recently awarded for his top rap tour, “The Millennium Tour,” at the 2022 Billboard awards.

From switching careers to hairstyles throughout the years, Bow Wow is known for shaking things up. He’s worn braids, waves, and short fades. So, how could he stop at the entertainment industry? Collabing with Kiss Colors and Care only made sense! Launching his men’s hair accessories collection that features the two infamous products, “Power Wave Velvet Durag” and the “Twist King Styling Tool,” Bow Wow has proved to be unstoppable with these most popular items from his collection. Bow Wow’s collection is sold online and in-store at many retailers today such as,, select Walmart stores, Kroger stores, and local beauty supply stores.

Bow Wow is a multi-passionate talent and father of two and stepping into the hair industry has been a new highlight for him. He’s continuously leading the way in his own lane for men to have high quality products that they can use daily to care for their hair. With the support of close friends and family, it doesn’t look like Bow Wow is slowing down anytime soon. We, at HypeHair, can’t wait to see whats next for him. Stay stuned because he is just getting started.

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