Looks like Hailey Bieber‘s fixing to bring the trending power of her social media-famous “glazed donut” nails to the lips. On August 24, the Rhode founder shared a TikTok showcasing what she calls a fall season makeup essential: “brownie glazed lips.” 

Clad in a black leather jacket and marled light beige cropped T-shirt, Bieber took a mirror selfie video, zooming in on her slick, nude pink-brown pout. Her hair is pulled back into a middle-parted ponytail, leaving the focus on her lips, which are heavily lined in a brown hue. Glossy doesn’t even begin to cover it — the lips are so shiny, they could almost be a mirror.

It’s an easy enough look to recreate on your own. You need three things: liner, gloss, and the tip of your finger. Bieber shared her technique in a previous clip on TikTok. She outlines her lips with what appears to be the Scott Barnes Atelier Lip Pencil, blending the product out by smudging it with her fingertips. Then, she adds a little liner just below her cupid’s bow and at the middle of her lower lip to create dimension. She finishes her with the Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment, which just so happens to also be a new favorite of our Allure editors.

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Bieber’s makeup artist, Leah Darcy, also shared the look on her Instagram page. Sunburnt blush and a helping of bronzer bring warmth and structure to her already-high cheekbones. Her brows are groomed to their fluffiest, and shimmery, barely-there eye shadow gives her lids a glossy glow. 

Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment

We’d be remiss not to note that this style of liner harkens back to the ’90s when super dark liner and nude, glossy lips were the look for many women in Black and Latine communities. Of course, it eventually made its way to high fashion runways and then, the mainstream, but its roots still run deep. Though the style has evolved over time with various groups of people, it’s clear that 25-some years later, it’s definitely made a lasting impact on beauty aesthetics.

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