When it comes to celebrity makeup lines, I am not always on board with them. It never made sense to me how after years of being performers, actors, and even reality stars (looking at you, Kardashians) you can one day just decide to start a brand. However, that is until I tried About-Face by Halsey. I’m the first person to admit I know barely anything about Halsey’s music or even who they are as a person, but their makeup line is not only, in my personal opinion, the best celebrity makeup brand, but one of the best makeup brands on the market. So you better believe when I found out they were launching a more affordable brand, I had to try it.

The brand is called af94 and before you assume it’s everything About-Face is, let’s get to the details. af94 is a brand that is built to be accessible and for everyone. While it has the same colorful, bold vibe as About-Face and also encourages makeup exploration, it’s more so targeted toward Gen Z consumers, since everything in the line is under $10, making it a super affordable line for the youth. Not to mention, the 12 products in the line are only available on the brand’s website and at Walmart.

Before we get into my thoughts, I should mention one thing. I went into this review knowing that I was probably not going to get the same bold pigment I get with About-Face. After all, it wouldn’t make sense if the two brands were identical — one is mid-tier while the other has a drugstore price point. So, what’s in the collection? Well, I tried every single product af94 has to offer (for now) and determined what’s exactly worth your pennies. 

af94 Eye Makeup Products:

af94 False Advertising Faux Eyelashes

af94 Push to Start Volumizing Mascara

af94 Shadowboxer Eyeshadow Crayon

af94 Backline Liquid Eyeliner

Starting with the eyes, there are five products in the lineup: *69 Gel Eyeliner, Shadowboxer Eye Shadow Crayon, Backline Liquid Eyeliner, False Advertising Faux Eyelashes, and Push to Start Volumizing Mascara. 

Star Products: Leave it to Halsey to create two incredible liners with this line. I love the *69 Gel Eyeliner for its easy-to-use, extremely pigmented formula. These pencils glide onto the lids and waterline and come in eight vibrant shades. Next is the Backline Liquid Eyeliner. Available in ten playful hues, this liner is smudge-proof, water-resistant, and has a pointy tip for extra sharp cat eyes or detailed graphic designs. 

af94 Base Makeup Products:

af94 Playdate Multi-Use Lip and Cheek Tint

af94 Friendly Rewinder Makeup Remover Wipes

af94 Plead the Fifth 5-in-1 Face Mist

af94 Joystickers Face Stickers

For the base, af94 currently has four products in the mix: Playdate Multi-Use Lip and Cheek Tint, Friendly Rewinder Makeup Wipes, Plead the Fifth 5-in-1 Face Mist, and Joystickers Face Stickers.

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