With so much attention drawn to the type of highlighter we use — whether that be cream, powder, or liquid — have we forgot about color? Specifically, green highlighter has made a name for itself on social media. Call it the James Webb telescope effect. Recently, we’ve noticed so many people online reach for this galactic, out-of-this-world color payoff.

Instagram user glamxbrit blew her followers away with neon green shadow that she continued down to her cheekbones. To create this look, she used Colourpop Mint To Be Eyeshadow Palette, and used her finger tips to apply the shimmer. “I find the intensity of the shimmer really comes through [this way],” she says.

glamxbrit/ Instagram

glamxbrit/ Instagram

Now we know the color-correcting power of green when it comes to concealing redness or breakouts, but what are the benefits of using such color as a highlight? We tapped Los Angeles-based makeup artist Melissa Murdick on what undertones  benefit most people, even when using an allegedly daring color choice. 

“Green highlighter will likely look best on warmer skin tones,” Murdick says. Taking it way back to color theory, since green is the opposite of red on the color wheel, “pinker skin tones will end up looking pinker,” Murdick states. 

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