I can already tell Lizzo‘s latest set of Instagram photos will (and probably already have) spark a topic of conversation in the world of beauty TikTok. On July 30, the singer posted a series of close-up photos in which she’s posed in a dim-lit room showcasing glitter-coated lips and galactic long, stiletto-shaped nails.

Allure snooped around the grid and found some note-worthy intel on the exact kit used to achieve this lip look. Her longtime makeup artist Alexx Mayo revealed the brand behind her holographic lips. Beware people; a beauty trend of the past might just be making a sudden comeback.

“She sparkles everywhere she goes.” Mayo wrote in his very own post showcasing the singer’s latest makeup glam. Her lips were stained in a brown shade, and if you look a little deeper you’ll notice a constellation of holographic glitters shifting among red, green, gold, and orange colors. He revealed that her transcendent pout came courtesy of Stay Golden Cosmetics. A quick scroll through the brand’s Instagram story confirmed the exact lip kit you can now purchase for yourself: It’s Cocoa Glitter Lip Kit

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