Another day, another fabulous Lizzo hairstyle. The musician and Yitty shapewear founder wore partial box braids and showed off the summery style on Instagram on August 23 as she promoted Yitty’s back-in-stock “Nearly Naked” line. 

Lizzo posed in a thong and tank set with a low back, providing a few different angles for fans to see how the shapewear fits — not to mention a great glimpse at her latest hairstyle. Lizzo’s hair is braided down to about her chin, with the rest of her hair worn unbraided and loose and long down her back. 

In one photo, she pulls her hair up to show off the back of the tank and the thong shapewear, and in another, she faces the camera to share a closer look at the bra tank. Lizzo even gives us a side view, providing a look at how the shapewear fits and a gorgeous snap of the braids and waves flowing behind her.

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Lizzo kept the rest of her beauty look equally ethereal with dewy, glowing skin, subtly glossed lips, shimmery eye shadow, and brushed-up brows. The whole vibe is perfect for hot summer days or hitting the beach, but it’s also perfect for sharing some big news about your shapewear brand. In a video, Lizzo also shared an update about how things are going in Yitty land. “Listen, I’m not supposed to brag …” she began. “But I launched Yitty in April of this year and we’ve already broken our records in sales, in membership, and apparently, according to all my friends and the internet, we’re always sold out of shit!” After seeing these pictures, we totally get why.

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