The 2022 MTV VMAs have barely even begun, and Lizzo is already stealing the show. The “About Damn Time” singer arrived at the awards show in an ensemble that was almost as dark as the black carpet she walked on. She looked like she could be princess of the underworld or even a gothic cake topper with her massive navy blue gown, dark lipstick, and golden rings on her ears, fingers, and lips. 

Where do you even start with a look like this? The singer’s navy blue gown was a gorgeous rumpled, off-the-shoulder dress from Jean Paul Gaultier. She paired it with sheer navy blue gloves that covered her forearms.

Her golden jewelry was as excessive as her stunning gown in all the best ways possible. On both of her ring fingers, she wore an abstract looped ring. Earrings of various sizes covered her entire cartilage and lobe. The rings along her cartilage were thicker in width but smaller in circumference, so they hugged her ear. The hoops on the lobe were much larger, nearly skimming her shoulders. The last ring lay in the middle of her bottom lip.

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