Keys says those who have almond-shaped eyes have an advantage when it comes to recreating this look, as this shape is the blueprint of siren eyes — lifted, feline, and fox-like. And since we’re currently in a “villain era of makeup and styling,” says Keys. “These eyes embrace our inner dark femme and inspire obsession.” She adds that this method elongates, narrows, and lifts your eye shape all at once — think Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox as examples. 

Need to try for yourself? To start, Keys says the base is all about mixing eye shadow and eyeliner, and using that combination to create a smudgy-sharp smoky cat-eye. “Always start with the lighter colors before [you apply] the deeper ones,” she advises. Use a fluffy brush to apply that taupe base, concentrating more of the color on your lash line while blending upward and outward to begin the wing.

Then, grab a warm brown or gray eye shadow, smudge the color along the upper lash line, and continue to blend up and out like you would with a traditional cat-eye. Once you’re there, “take a small, slightly fluffy brush and blend the eyeliner into the shadow you previously created,” Keys says. 

To finish things off, grab a sharp, precise liner like the Catrice 20H Ultra Precision Gel Eye Pencil, and follow the shape of your upper lash line to really intensify and sharpen everything up. 

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