Let’s face it. Permanent ink on any part of your body is a lifelong commitment, let alone your face. But if there’s someone who has made the most out of their desired ink, it’s got to be Cardi B. Some of the signature work done on the Bronx native includes a vivid smattering of floral designs spiraling from the tip of her shoulder to one side of her thigh and the blue peacock tattooed long before her rise within the music industry. 

On August 14, though, tattoo artist Robinson De Los Santos shared a video showcasing the latest work done on the rapper herself. Red ink, white gloves, and the side profile of Cardi’s jawline were involved. A Cardi fan page, @queencardixo, also shared a photo of the rapper and the tattoo artist smiling side by side after their ink session, showcasing the mere first looks of her new red-ink tattoo. 

It appears to include two letters with a symbol in between them. Cardi is yet to debut the full look of her new ink on her own social platforms, but TikTok user @firsty4hiphop also shared a glimpse of the tattoo in progress where the letter “N” visible. 

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