Hey Allure, it’s Maitreyi Ramakrishnan,

and this is gonna be my 10 minute beauty routine.

It’s gonna be very natural,


but still a little oomphed up I guess.

[popping sounds]

[clock ticking]

[upbeat music]

Okay, so first step,

I mean, my skin is already pretty primed up,

but there is some steps that we gotta do.

So we’re gonna go in with Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Serum.


I mean, I like this product mainly ’cause

it smells nice too.

It makes me feel fancy and I mean,

hey make yourself feel good.

So we’re gonna put a little bit of that

and we’re gonna massage that in.

[upbeat music continues]

Next up, good old sunscreen from Supergoop!: Glowscreen.

And usually I never put sunscreen on,

which is like, I know not great.

But we’re trying, we’re making efforts, self care efforts.

And so far it’s been going all right.

I also like this one ’cause it has a little bit of

like a shimmer to it.

So it’s nice under all the different layers

that are gonna come up.

[upbeat music continues]

Okay. Cool.

Foundation time, foundation time.

Okay. So I’m gonna go in with Kosas.

I like Kosas ’cause you’ve got some good hydration

in there already, which is really nice.

I like to put very small dots first

so that I’m not over putting product,

like I just did with my sunscreen.

But yeah, we’re gonna just put just a little bit,

’cause less can always be more later.

We’re gonna blend that right now.

It’s gonna be great.

[upbeat music continues]

Bam! Skin!

Concealer time.

So this is also Kosas, so they go well together.

I like to try and keep my concealer

and my foundation the same.

My other go-to is NARS.

But when I use Kosas, I like to keep the same.

This stuff, a little goes a long way.

I learned that. Yeah.

[upbeat music continues]

That’s a little pimple scar right there. Yep.

That has not gone away in a hot minute.

But it’s okay. [bleep] happens.

I’m very shiny right now.

So we’re, [claps]

we’re gonna fix that by just using some pressed powder.

So this is Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush Flawless Finish

press powder.

I’m just taking a little bit of this, doing this thing.

And this just sort of smooths everything out I find.

It makes me feel also put together.

[upbeat music continues]

We’re gonna do eyes.

So first up we are gonna go in with a good eye pencil

to do our little water line.

My grandma always taught me to do the top and the bottom.

And what I do, sort of freaky, but hear me out,

I use my lashes to lift them up

and then we’re gonna color ’em in.

[upbeat music continues]

Even though sometimes I tear up,

it does help make everything a little bit

more smudgy in that natural way.

[upbeat music]

So thank you tears.

All righty.

So next up with my eyeliner, I’ve been doing this,

like the eyeshadow eyeliner, when it’s all smoked out.

So this is Anastasia, the Soft Glam Palette.

I like all the colors on it.

They’re all very nice and, you know,

pretty idiot proof for me.

So that’s great.

But we’re gonna go in with this dark shade, cypress umber,

before we get to the actual black shade.

So we’re gonna use a little flat brush.

[upbeat music continues]

I think my biggest tip for like eyeliner in general,

no matter what you use,

is you should always go back and forth between both eyes.

Because then you can make sure they’re even as you go,

rather than one looks really good completed

and then you have a whole fresh start, you know?

[upbeat music continues]

Now, we are going to take another shade here, noir,

which is French for black.

And we’re just gonna take this to like oomph up the line,

’cause this is sort of like,

it’s okay if this one isn’t as sharp

when it’s just the brown,

but this is gonna make it a little bit sharper.

But this is just basically giving us a guideline

of where to put this shade now.

So with noir, too, the same shade,

I’m gonna go really quickly with the inner corners.

‘Cause even if it’s a 10 minute tutorial,

I gotta do my inner corners.

[upbeat music continues]

And we’re good.

Yeah, I think all done with shadow.

No actual eyeliner, liner for the wings needed.

Just only the eyeliner pencil and you’re sort of swimming.

Next up is lash primer.

So this is KVD’s lash primer,

and it is one of my favorite things.

It curls and lengthens your lash

and just primes it for mascara and everything.

But sometimes I just wear just this.

Like I’m not wearing any makeup at all,

just to feel something I just put this on, you know

just to make sure I’m still alive.

[upbeat music continues]

Okay, cool. So we got our lashes primed.

Now before I put mascara,

’cause I’m gonna use mascara to bond it together,

I’m gonna do some falsies.

So I take a regular Ardell lash,

this is like a regular one, nothing wrong with it.

I take this, I’m gonna chop this part off,

and just use the inner half on the outside half of my eye.

The lash originally continued, but that is now gone.

We’re gonna use this though now

on our outer half of our eye.

Hopefully this makes sense.

I really hope this does,

’cause this has been a lifesaver when it comes to

getting a good lash that works for me.

But yeah, you’ll see.

Something like that.

Just gonna let it dry for a hot minute.

[upbeat music]

We just pray.

Kachow! Kachow!

Now, we will do some mascara.

So this is the YSL mascara.

I really like it, ’cause I like the wand type.

It’s very sprayed out which helps for not clumping.

I’m not a fan of clumping lashes.

So yeah, we’re just gonna put that to bond our lashes

and our falsies together.

[upbeat music continues]

So for brows, the first thing I’m gonna do is,

using the Charlotte Tilbury Brow Cheat,

I’m gonna just use the spooly comb side

and just brush my brows out.

To be honest, I keep it very simple with my brows,

just because I’m very traumatized

from old photos of me in high school with very thick brows.

Now on the other side of the little brush

is just the pencil.

So we’re gonna lightly make a nice little line.

[upbeat music continues]

Very lightly.

Bam, bam.

There we go.

Yeah, that is good. Good, great.

We are gonna use some brow gel from Kosas

to make sure that it stays there,

because nothing is worse than when all the brow hair

moves around and it looks wonky. [laughs]

Yeah, brows done.

We’re gonna use Glossier’s Cloud Paint.

You can’t go wrong with this stuff.

It’s like finger painting.

You just dap that right on your fingers.

Bam. Bam, bam, bam.

[upbeat music continues]

I like to just go in

with the blush brush after, just to really seal the deal.

Because it’s a liquidier product, I don’t want streaks.

Next up, contour.

So this is NUDESTIX’s Tinted Blur stick.

I like this one ’cause it’s very easy to use,

and yeah, I just place all my contour in the key points,

like jawline, cheekbone, forehead, yeah.

I’m not a contour expert at all.

I mean, I’m barely a makeup expert.

I feel like I just know how to do my face

in a way that I like.

[upbeat music continues]

To finish up, we are gonna go in with LANEIGE’s lip mask.

You’re supposed to use it as a sleeping mask,

so like at night.

But everyone I know loves this just all around.

‘Cause it’s pretty great.

And they have a bunch of different flavors, which is nice.

This one’s vanilla.

[upbeat music continues]

Moisturized. Noice.

So last but not least, setting spray time.

This is very key.

So this is just Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush Flawless

setting spray.

It smells nice, so I like to use it.

We’ll just,

[bottle spraying]

[upbeat music]

Yeah I like this setting spray.

I mean setting spray in general, for me,

it has to keep it looking moist and just fresh.

‘Cause I don’t like my makeup looking dusty

or just powdery, you know?

I’m very proud of myself!

This is not too bad. Not too bad.

[dinging sound]

And that’s what we were aiming for.

So, this is the final look.

It’s super, super idiot proof. Anyone can do it.

[upbeat music]

Thanks Allure for watching,

and hopefully I’ll catch you guys on the next one.

All right. Bye-bye.

[upbeat music continues]

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