Consider your go-to Target shopping trip: a few groceries, some beauty products, cat food, a new dress you definitely didn’t need… a robot manicure? For some Target visitors, the future of nail art is just a Target run away.

The big box behemoth is rolling out a new robot-based manicure via Clockwork, a company that “designs robots that liberate people from everyday mundane tasks.” One task is the “Minicure,” which uses both AI and 3D technology for meticulous, mess-free application that takes just 10 minutes. The Minicure is only available in six Target locations at the moment, including one in Minnesota (Target’s home base), three in Texas, and two in California. Your first service is only $8, and $10 after. Simply book online and show up with bare nails for your appointment and voila!

Curious about the process? TikTok users have been documenting the experience under #robotmanicure so you can see, in detail, how it works. Sure, it’s not nearly as relaxing or pampering as a trip to your favorite nail salon and you won’t get the filing, shaping, and cuticle trimming you’d enjoy from a full manicure service, nor does it offer nail art or gel color. However, if you’re in a pinch, it’s an easy way to get a super simple, one-color mani when you need one ASAP (or, you know, when you’re just wandering around Target for an hour, as one does).

According to CNN Business reporter Rachel Metz, who tried the service in Texas, it’s not 100 percent foolproof yet; a human attendant must remain nearby to make sure the machine doesn’t get clogged or paint outside the lines.

Can you expect to book a robot manicure at a Target near you in the future? If you don’t live near one of the six existing locations, it may be a bit of a wait. “This is a small test-and-learn initiative at several Target stores,” a Target spokesperson tells Allure. If you do live nearby, book an appointment with your new robot manicurist via Clockwork.

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