Eighties and ’90s babies, gather ’round, because Olivia West is here to show you how to transform your face into your old TrapperKeeper. West says the release of the Morphe and Lisa Frank collection last year spurred her desire to paint illustrations of the brand’s colorful characters. If you like to get matchy with your costume, be sure to check out Orly and Lisa Frank‘s nail collection. 

37. Smiley Faces

Spread some trippy Halloween cheer with a look that incorporates one of the most universal signs of happiness: the smiley face. Makeup artist Divina Muse creates an edgy take on the symbol, adding some elongated twists and curves to all of these faces. Before getting into it, though, make sure to take the time to carefully outline each face. 

“With the smiley look, use a nude pencil first to place either a dot on where you want the smileys to be, or to pre-draw the circles,” she explains. “Nude is very easy to cover with foundation or wipe off if you make a mistake. Take a step back and inspect how small or big the smileys are and correct if needed.” Once you’re satisfied with where each face is placed, use a water-activated neon yellow liner to outline each of the faces. She adds that a jumbo pencil or eyeliner pencil will work just as well. 

38. Love Sick

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