Hair has always been way more than a bodily feature: throughout history, one’s hair has been adorned and styled to represent one’s identity, provenience, culture, marital status, religion, class, and more. For one reason or another, some women don’t have enough length or volume of hair to style them the way they want. And, sometimes, they have a bad haircut and want to cover it up.

For all the mentioned problems with women’s hair, hair extensions are the best answer. Now, the question is, which type of hair extensions should one use?

To answer this question, below are some of the most popular types of hair extensions you can try:

Clip-in Hair Extensions:



Clip-in hair extensions have multiple sets of clip-in hair that can be easily attached to your natural strands. These extensions prove best if you want to try out braids with long hair. Many other hairstyles, such as ponytails, low buns, and twists can also be worn with clip-in hair extensions. They are also a very popular choice for brides looking to add some glitz and glam to their mane on their big day.

Clip-in hair extensions won’t damage your hair at all and will be easy to wash and dry off. To date, clip-in extensions are one of the most-used hair extensions among women of all ages. The reason is that they can be quickly worn in the comfort of your own home in a matter of minutes, and can be styled in many different ways.  .

Fusion Bonds Hair Extensions:


Fusion hair, also known as keratin fusion extensions, are added to your natural hair using heat-resistant keratin glue bonds. This process takes about 2- 4 hours, and you will need a professional to apply them.  These extensions work great even in adverse climates and hold firmly. The best thing is that you can wash them, brush them, and style them as you want.

Tape-in Hair Extensions:

One of the best and long-lasting hair extensions out there. Tape-in hair extensions come in different sizes and volumes and are made with Remy human hair. These extensions are easy to maintain and, unlike most hair extensions on the market, you can wear them to sleep and workout sessions.


Tape-in hair extensions are known for lasting longer and can make your hair look thicker. They are also known as the least damaging semi-permanent hair extensions solution and they are available in multiple colors, shades, volumes, and lengths –  so you can choose the perfect type of tape-in hair for your hair. . Hairstyles like low ponytails, classic plaits, and beach waves can be easily styled with tape-in hair extensions.


In this method, hair extensions are attached to your hair by sewing them. These extensions are made with both natural and synthetic hair. Weaves are best to add volume to the areas where your hair is not growing.

These extensions are best suited to you if you have short hair. They will help add volume and length to your hair so you can try out different hairstyles.


Most women prefer weave-ins because they can flaunt almost every type of hairstyle with them. Sew-ins are particularly liked for hairstyles with long hair.

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