According to Forbes, Rhyu will continue her role as co-founder and CEO post-acquisition. She’s extremely excited about this new chapter and tells Allure that she feels like she won the Super Bowl. “I had no idea that the news would be so celebrated across the community and industry. It feels amazing to book this win for the team at Hero but also for the community at large,” Rhyu shares. “I can’t wait for Hero to tap into Church & Dwight’s resources and expertise but I’m also eager to show them what Hero can do with our digital prowess, Amazon capabilities, and much, much more. The learning will go both ways.” 

According to Rhyu, they have plans to expand distribution worldwide and to start building “Hero 2.0” as a larger team. “I love being able to see our products in retail and now we will do that at a faster pace and all over the world.”

Rhyu never expected this massive success when she created Mighty Patch in 2017. “It’s been amazing to see our trajectory the past few years and while we thought about partnering with someone much bigger one day, we had no idea it would be someone as huge and major as Church & Dwight,” she told Allure. “If you build an amazing company and brand, big players will notice.”

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