When she’s not gracing the cover of a magazine or working on her latest film, you’ll find Keke Palmer showcasing stunning hairstyles one post at a time.

And that’s just what she did on Wednesday, September 14, when the actor walked into Michael Kors’ 2023 New York Fashion Week show on Wednesday, September 14. Before viewing the runway, Palmer hit the front row in a mustard-yellow ribbed dress, stiletto sandals, and a bouffant bun with tendrils falling from the top.

Sound familiar? The updo was nothing shy of some very signature 2010s hairstyles — especially the crimped and curled kind. Palmer may have given us a nod to that era, leaving two blown-out strands down around the side of her face. It gave a very relaxed vibe to the otherwise high-hold, bow-bun updo.

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In the fifth photo of the Nope star’s Instagram gallery post, Palmer posed with Kors himself. Both icons looked pleased to be in each other’s presence and delivered huge smiles. “I just need y’all to know me and my Leo friend Michael Kors are the duo you needed,” she wrote.

Her hairstyle for the closing day of New York Fashion Week was everything we needed, indeed. Now, excuse us while we get our curling irons prepped and ready for some crimped tendrils of our own.

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