Oprah is known for changing up her hair; the icon goes from curly to straight and back again on the regular, but for the 2022 Emmys, she opted for a bit of a surprise style: a long braid. We haven’t often seen Winfrey in such a style, let alone a braid as long and epic as her latest Emmys look.

After some opening statements from host Kenan Thompson, Winfrey took the stage in a crisp white tuxedo blazer gown, accessorized by a pair of round glasses and some dangling diamond earrings, plus a diamond ring. The TV legend wore her hair pulled back tightly from her face and braided back into a long classic braid, and she tossed the braid over one shoulder so it was visible to the crowd and Emmys viewers at home. The braided style looks gorgeous on Winfrey, and it’s a departure from her go-to fluffy curls and shiny, voluminous blowouts. It may be something different for the icon, but it’s a look she should definitely consider revisiting — it’s fabulous for a formal event and a casual weekend at home! In fact, Winfrey actually wore a similar braided style to celebrate Ava DuVernay’s birthday, which she showed off on Instagram, though the birthday braid also included ribbons for added pizzazz.

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