Rock Stunning Braids with Aphogee Haircare

Not only do braids look fabulous and are majorly on trend, but they are also relatively “good” for your hair. They are a lower maintenance style and allows hair to have a break from the styling that comes with having natural hair. Not to mention, braids are extremely versatile with so many styling options to compliment any look. However, just like natural hair, those with braids can experience some damage, so it’s still imperative to maintain them properly! ApHogee, a serious approach to hair care, helps deliver healthy, beautiful hair and is the perfect solution for keeping braids frizz-free, moisturized, and long-lasting. To keep braids looking and feeling their best, there are two key ApHogee hair care products that are must-haves for anyone with braids:

ApHogee Style & Wrap Mousse ($7.99 / 8 oz.) – Your braids may be fabulous, but remember, they are also still hair and there are key products to help keep braids looking just as gorgeous as day one. Some frizz or fraying may occur from friction of your bedding or puffy roots when new growth occurs. Did you know that tying your hair down at night can help significantly reduce both?
ApHogee Style & Wrap Mousse is an easy-to-apply foam that adds incredible shine and body! Non-sticky, no flake formula provides extra -long lasting hold and ApHogee’s Pro-Phytamine complex provides protection against hair breakage. It’s the perfect product for setting braids, weaves, or wigs, so having this mousse on hand can make your braids go from frizz to fab! Alcohol free formula helps keep hair nourished and safe from chemicals

Gloss Therapy Polisher Spray ($8.99/6 oz.) – Make setting braids more manageable and finish off beautiful braids with ApHogee Gloss Therapy Polisher Spray. This must-have lightweight spray provides long-lasting, healthy-looking, beautifully brilliant shine. This amazing polish will smooth the hair surface and mend any split ends, while also shielding hair against UV damage. It stops frizzy hair in its tracks! This polish works on all hair types and particularly great on braids! Reapply to hair anytime for additional shine throughout the day. 

Incorporating these incredible ApHogee hair care products into your braid’s routine can help enhance your look and keep braids looking beautiful longer. 

ApHogee is available at Sally Beauty Supply stores nationwide,, and other beauty supply stores and salons nationwide. For more information, visit us online at

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