Romeo Santos is keeping a firm grip on his King of Bachata crown. The Latin superstar has spent over two decades making listeners swoon with his signature “so nasty” tagline in his songs; at 41, he’s released his latest album, Fórmula, Vol. 3. Entering a new era in his career, Santos remains a sex symbol with his irresistible swagger.

“I’m still confused why [people think I’m a sex symbol],” Santos tells Allure with a laugh. “It’s just a perfect example that it’s about your energy, your confidence more than reality.”

Santos broke out in the early 2000s as a member of the group Aventura, which put an R&B spin on bachata music. Since then, in Aventura and as a solo artist, Santos has globalized the Dominican genre, bringing pop stars like Usher and Drake into the fold. Singing solely in Spanish, Santos has captured hearts around the world with his sultry voice and seductive stage presence that’s sold out stadiums.

Fórmula, Vol. 3 marks the end of Santos’ trilogy of albums that have kept bachata music fresh and freaky since the first volume was released in 2012. “I’m doing things in this album that I’ve not done before, but I’m also trying to step it up and push the envelope,” he says. “That’s always my objective.”

For the final Fórmula hurrah, Santos enlists Justin Timberlake as the guest pop star in the soaring “Sin Fin.” Spanish singer Rosalía adds a flamenco touch to the genre in the captivating “El Pañuelo.” Perhaps the proudest moment on the LP is “15,500 Noches,” where Santos further embraces his Dominican roots in merengue alongside the legends in the genre, Toño Rosario, Rubby Pérez, Fernando Villalona, and Ramon Orlando. In an interview with Allure, Santos opened up about his epic LP, his health and beauty tips, and what fans can expect next.

Allure: You’re always glowing onstage. What does your skin-care routine look like?

Romeo Santos: I try to get facials at least once a month. That helps. And this is religion: I try to drink a lot of water. At least a gallon a day. I do it for many reasons, but I’ve heard that it also helps with your skin. Exercise and do whatever it is that you like doing best. Some people prefer running. Some like playing basketball. Just do whatever you can that complements you.

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