Track superstar Sha’Carri Richardson is known for her lightning-fast sprint times, her fiery red hair colors, and her long, colorfully designed manicures, and her latest nail look is no exception.

As noted by Yahoo!, the 22-year-old athlete just beat Jamaican Olympic champion Elaine Thompson-Herah in the women’s 100-meter dash at a meet in Switzerland; it’s the first time Richardson has run since she participated in the U.S. championships in June and didn’t qualify. Richardson was clearly at the top of her game for the Lucerne meet, edging out the competition by only 0.1 of a second. In true Richardson fashion, she also brought her beauty A-game to compete.

Richardson shared a few photos from the race to Instagram, including a snap of her name plate bib against her cranberry red running singlet from Nike and another of herself smiling either pre-or post-race. Richardson has ditched the bright orange hair that was her signature in 2021 in favor of a darker brunette color with some light blonde streaks, but her glam lashes are still part of her go-to look, as are the iconic nails.

For the Lucerne race, Richardson ran in stilettos — stiletto nails, that is, opting for a super-long spiky set of intricate nail art, including a golden snake, the ankh symbol and an eye design, all in shades of gold, cream and light rose pink. It was a slight departure for Richardson, who often wears coffin-shaped manicures. Richardson paired her stiletto manicure with a few rings and a heart chain bracelet.

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