I’m the first to admit I’m a huge skeptic when it comes to clean makeup. Not because I don’t love using good-for-me ingredients but because I sometimes feel like chemical-based formulas just get the job done better. However, the one makeup product I wish I could convert to a clean version is mascara. Why? Well, there’s something about all those chemicals near my sensitive eyes that just doesn’t feel right. Up until recently, there wasn’t a clean mascara on the market that was capable of giving my lashes the volume and length I wanted — that is, until today. May I introduce Tower 28’s Make Waves Mascara, a really good mascara with really good ingredients. 

First, let’s get into the formula. The Make Waves mascara is formulated with Aquaflex Technology, which is often used in hairstyling. This technology defines curled hair (in this case, lashes) and uses memory hold, so the curl and definition last all day long. Not to mention, the formula also contains vitamin B5 and castor oil which, according to cosmetic chemist Ginger King, will help make lashes stronger and keep this soft and moisturized. 

However, the formula isn’t the only great thing about this mascara; the wand is also pretty groundbreaking, too. The flexible wand is actually, as the brand calls it, a triple-wave wand, meaning it has three suspended bands that converge into one, making it easy to grip and coat every single lash (even the baby corner hairs).

The flexible bristles of the Make Waves Mascara in motion.

Now that you have all the logistics down pat, let’s get into the actual testing. I recruited two of my fellow coworkers to try out the Make Waves Mascara, and here are their honest opinions (and beautiful faces). 

Angela Trakoshis

As mentioned, I normally stay away from clean makeup, especially mascara, because existing options just never really keep my lashes up and defined all day. However, this Tower 28 one does — and it does it damn well. I was even able to remove it so easily with water and a pea-sized amount of cleansing balm.

Talia Gutierrez

Editorial assistant Talia Gutierrez is already blessed with long lashes that can hold a curl throughout the day. She looks for definition and volume when she tries out a new mascara. “Tower 28’s Make Waves Mascara does just that,” she says. “Its flexible, curved wand coats my lashes evenly, leaving behind not a single clump, just fullness, and length. It even reached my inner corner lashes with no fuss or mess,” Gutierrez adds. 

As the day came to an end, she saw no flakes or smudging, leaving her to believe this formula is no joke, and one she’ll continue to reach for as she commutes to the office on these humid NYC mornings.

Taylore Gynn

“A brush can make or break a mascara for me, and this small, curved applicator is ideal,” says beauty and wellness editor Taylore Glynn. “Its short bristles almost grip my lashes so I can fan them up and out, and it allows me to apply the inky-black formula to the hard-to-coat lashes on my inner corners without smearing my nose with the tip,” she adds. 

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