Florence Pugh definitely shocked us all when she pulled up to the Met Gala with just a dusting of stubble left on her head. The buzz cut was surely a moment, and since that first Monday in May, Pugh has rocked her short hair in various forms, including letting it grow out a bit and dyeing it orange for the UK Oppenheimer premiere. Based on her Instagram post, it looks like the actor is letting it grow even more. 

The Don’t Worry Darling actor took a trip to Tokyo and shared a few pictures plus the things she experienced with Instagram fans on September 11. Because the post was centered on her experience, there are only two photos of her actual face in the Instagram carousel; it’s the last photo that offers the best view of her grown-out pixie cut. In it, Pugh had her head in her hands while her bright blonde hair stood out above her head. Her hair didn’t just poke straight out to the sky; in fact, several pieces were curved, forming a slight arc above her head. You can also see her dark roots growing in. 

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