My Atlanta beauty finds… you can thank me later!

It’s no secret that Hype Hair recently moved its headquarters to Atlanta, Georgia. As the CEO it has been an exciting yet grueling experience. The last 30 days have been hectic and I have tried to find beauty (  finds and hacks ) in the process. Here are a few of my favorites!

1. BCavai is a hair serum made with the goddess in you in mind. Celebrate hair stylist Jason  Tavares blessed me with a bottle and I haven’t gone a day without using it! My secret is using a dime-sized amount on my elbows and heels to keep my skin protected from the unpredictable Georgia weather.

2. Famous AF skincare brand is a MUST! With all of our events and appearances, I am wearing makeup more than usual. Coming home to an at-home mini facial topped off with the facial serums has kept my skin in good shape. The Notorious G.L.O is my go-to. Famous AF is by Dr. Britten Cole and is formulated to get you results.

3. Sapphire Therapeutic Shampoo by the ladies at Transformation Beauty Studio is the most relaxing at-home shampoo a girl could ask for. After a long day out the shampoo is the perfect get-ready-for-bed remedy to keep your hair feeling and smelling good. 


Photo Credit: IG TerraneTerry

4. I was so nervous about finding a nail stylist because I am so particular about the style and shape of my nails. I also hate large nail salons, I feel like I lose the relaxation part of the service. Celebrity nail artist Terrance Terry is legitimately the BEST. From is the studio to style and designs, I am not sure there is a better way to go for your nails. 

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