To give afro hair a fresh look, there’s nothing like a layer. It gives men the opportunity to be stylish, especially since it is offered in several variations to better express the personality of each man. No wonder the gradient is so popular in hair salons! In this article, let’s focus on the best layered haircuts to enhance the look of black men.

What is a gradient?

A layered haircut involves cutting short hair on the sides and back of the head, creating a gradual transition between lengths. On the crown of the head, the hair can remain long and styled in a wide variety of hair styles.

What are the different types of gradients for men?

The high fade: Very trendy, the high fade cut is distinguished by a much more accentuated gradient and much denser hair on top.

Skin fade cut: this is a trendy style whose gradient is very close to the scalp. It can just as easily start at a high height as at a medium or low height. It’s a modern look particularly popular with young people.

Razor cut: The razor cut, as its name suggests, is a haircut which consists of creating a gradient using a razor, particularly around the contour of the face.

Bald cut: It is the cut shaved close to the scalp and blends into the skin until it is completely visible.

The low fade: The low fade is a hairstyle that is characterized by hair that is much fuller on top and much shorter on the sides and back.

Gradient for black men: the advantages and disadvantages

If the gradient is often considered a must for trendy styles, it is because its advantages are numerous:


  • The gradient cut provides density on the top of the head,
  • The layered cut goes well with both short hair and long hair,
  • The layered cut is generally low maintenance depending on your hair type.


Hair loss may require regular visits to the hair salon,
High gradient may not suit all face shapes.

Gradient black man: 20 hair ideas to inspire you

Gradient and buzz cut

The layered haircut coupled with a buzz cut is the most practical and easy to maintain cut. The length is not the same everywhere. With a gradient, the cut is more stylish.

High gradient on afro hair

If you want to bring contrast and more boldness to your hairstyle, the high gradient is the best alternative which allows you to highlight your mane and create an effect of density.

Gradient and curly hair

Unlike the classic gradient, this haircut focuses on a gradient that makes the gradual transition from one length to another so that the hairstyle is not too defined. And if you want to go bold, you can leave the curly hair a little longer on top. This style is a great haircut idea for men regardless of their lifestyle.

Gradient to white

Even if the gradient doesn’t suit everyone, especially those with damaged hair, it’s worth it when you take a closer look. The afro gradient is rightly one of the most fashionable ideas for men with frizzy hair. In the case of this example, choosing the gradient to white allows you to improve the sharpness of unruly hair.

Taper fade bottoms for black men

The low taper fade style layered haircut is always the guarantee of a neat and clean look. This hairstyle idea for black men adds allure with a much shorter shave at the back and sides with a gradient that gradually blends in on top. The cut is distinguished, bold and stylish at the same time and prides itself on being versatile because it can adapt to several lengths and textures of hair. Enough to allow customization options and be in tune with your individuality.

Gradient Drop Fade

The Fade drop is a classic among classics. The cut is even more striking when combined with twists or afro hair.

High fade gradient

Among all the types of gradients, the high fade is probably considered one of the most impressive. As you can see, it is a style that manages to offer a defined, clean and above all, masculine look. It is also a very good way to highlight facial features, especially for men with square or round faces. To modernize the look and be completely in tune with the times, you can combine this “flat top” style with Will Smith from the 80s. What’s great is that you can also use of this style to give more weight to your afro cut or your dreads.

Gradient Mid Fade

The medium gradient is often recognized as a versatile style because between the high gradient and the low gradient, many consider it to be the most advantageous. It usually provides a more defined contrast between the short area and the long hair, making the hairstyle even more captivating. If you like styles like the Mohawk and want to update them, the medium fade is again an excellent choice.

Gradient on frizzy hair

Do you want to give new life to your afro hair and wear a more defined hairstyle? A white gradient shouldn’t scare you. Not only does it highlight the hair on top of the head but it also exudes originality.

Curly gradient

This hairstyle shows that curls and layers go well together. The gradient on the sides defines and structures the hairstyle while making the curls stand out more. Your barber can also work on your hairline to reveal your style and identity. You can even add a neatly trimmed beard to add character to the look.

Gradient on afro hair with beard

There are cuts that almost make you want to stop shaving your beard. Here, the gradient is done in such a way that it skillfully separates the facial hair from the hair. This empty space is the winning secret of this look since it allows the beard to be highlighted and look fresher and sharper. Good news, all types of beards adapt to all types of gradients!

Burst Fade on Afro Hair

The burst fade is an original hairstyle which offers the compromise of taking advantage of the assets specific to short and long hair. It offers a nice gradient contour behind the ear.

Temp fade on afro hair

With a fade at the temples, the Temp fade is a cool hairstyle for men who want something unique and clean. Take your look to the next level!

High fade gradient

As this model shows, here we have another high fade that compliments the hairstyle perfectly. Regardless of the style of the gradient line, the high fade is always a good solution for those who want to proudly wear their natural hair. Whether you have curly hair, wavy hair or dreads, this style does not deceive and remains captivating.

Low fade haircuts

Whether you choose a pretty flat top on top or a rounded afro cut, you can be sure that the low layer flatters a wide variety of hair hairstyle choices. The gradients remain customizable as desired.

Low fade with shaved line on the side

For all men who appreciate a practical, original and aesthetic cut, this look should please them. And for men who are bolder and a little eccentric around the edges, the shaved side line is a captivating addition that helps create a strong contrast between the sides and top.

Gradient with curved line

Shaved parts are aesthetic assets that many black men choose to wear. Black men’s hair has a texture conducive to all kinds of creative lines and other impressive hair styles. Even if the completely shaved line on the side seems like a daring choice, it remains much more demure than other styles that are a little too “inventive”.

Fade skin and curly hair

The combination of curly hair on the crown of the head and the skin fade makes this hairstyle visually striking. Between the shaved line which marks the distinction between the shaved area and the curly area and the resulting contrast, this faded skin with curly top has a lot of identity. Here, the idea is based on the Mohawk hairstyle.

Gradient and faux hawk

Beards have always been able to add character to a man’s look and seem to be an excellent addition to layered cuts since they blend very well into the hairstyle. The gradient starts at the temples, goes through the sideburns and blends into the beard, making the haircut stand out more.

Gradient on wavy hair

The Wavy look is chosen to stylize your natural hair. In this photo, we see a perfectly shaved line combined with a low fade gradient, which very well illustrates the spirit of this cut. Between the precisely drawn lines and the gradient which reinforces the wavy look, the result works and prides itself on being visually eye-catching. And even if this masculine hairstyle involves going to the hairdresser regularly, it is worth it.

Gradient for black men: how to get the perfect cut?

Even if the ideal is to entrust the work to a professional hairdresser, it is entirely possible to achieve a super layered cut at home:

Step 1: Get a classic clipper (it is suitable for most hair types). If you have hair with a thick and hard texture, choose a resistant device.
Step 2: Choose the gradient that would best suit your hair so you know which combs to opt for. Here are the 3 clogs that you can choose depending on the gradient style chosen: The short clog for the nape and base, the medium clog for the sides and nape and the longest clog for the length of the top.
Step 3: Cut the top then mow the entire head at the same level using the longest comb.
Step 4: Run the clippers in the direction opposite to hair growth.
Step 5: We then move on to the sides and the back of the neck with the medium-sized clog, making movements from the bottom up. Do not hesitate to run the clippers again until you eliminate the flyaways and finish your hairstyle well.
Step 6: For clean edges, use the shortest comb. This will add more contrast to your hairstyle.

Gradient for black men: how to maintain your afro hair?

Step 1: Maintaining the haircut

To keep your hairstyle impeccable, visit the hair salon regularly. Also consider using pomades, gels or other styling products to keep your hair in shape.

Step 2: Hair maintenance

Wash your hair regularly, alternating between natural shampoo and conditioner. And if you want, you can use a curly hair product to prevent frizz and strengthen curls.

Step 3: Recommended products

To care for your hair, you can count on products such as:

cream for curls
natural shampoo for frizzy hair
hair gel
hair balm
hair cream
clay for hair

Men’s gradient for black: how to style your hair?

To style Afro hair, you must respect its nature. Some black men have frizzy hair, others curly or frizzy. For frizzy hair, the short layer is ideal. Curly hair looks better with a long or mid-length layer.


What type of fade is best for black men?

There is in truth no gradient that is considered ideal for black men. Depending on the style you want to wear and maintain, all types of gradients are perfect.

What is a drop fade for a black man?

The drop fade allows all men to add style to their hairstyle by creating a bow behind the ear. This involves trimming the sides to achieve a shaved fade at the bottom and this style suits black men too.

How do black men achieve the gradient on their hair?

The process of creating a fade differs slightly between Caucasian hair and afro textured hair. In the case of the latter, the work is carried out from bottom to top, making cuts in the direction of growth, which also helps prevent irritation.

The gradient often includes inventive patterns, including shaved lines that blend seamlessly with the cut.

Rather than using a razor blade and scissors, electric clippers are preferred for creating layers on afro-textured hair so as not to compromise the shape of the hairstyle.

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