According to Bubbers, most customers opt for a snakebite in their midi, the center point of the outer ear. “Once the piercings are fully healed, you can really personalize your look with the styling,” Bubbers says. “Mix and match hoops, studs, and chains for an extra unique stack.”

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Conch piercings have appeared in the top piercing trends for the last few years, but the cartilage piercing is still popular enough to remain on the list for 2024. (“Conches are here to stay y’all!” says Pearce.) At Studs, Bubbers says customers are opting more and more for a snakebite on the conch — through that thick cartilage about halfway down the ear — for a doubly trendy effect.

Outer conch (sometimes known as a “sconch”)

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“I hope you don’t use this name,” says Brooks, laughing. She prefers the more medical-sounding “outer conch,” but the phrase “sconch” is catching on to describe a piercing placed at the lining ridge in the cavern space close to the center of the ear.

“It’s right in your eyeline when people look at you,” she says. Though it’ll be eye-catching no matter what kind of earring(s) you have in, Brooks likes adorning an outer conch piercing with a piece of jewelry that makes a big statement.

Banter by Piercing Pagoda

[Tragus] piercings are having a moment and aren’t going anywhere in 2024,” says Sharp. The tragus is the small flap where your ear meets the side of your face. “It is the perfect place for something small, simple, and understated that really balances the ear,” she adds.

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The experts we consulted at Nine Moons Piercing noted the rise of the rook. It’s an inner-ear piercing, located on the “shelf” behind the forward helix. “Rooks are pierced downwards and allow you to wear a cute curved barbell for the initial healing period,” says Pearce. “I think a lot of people are getting this piercing for the long-term goals of one day being able to transition to wearing a small, tight-fitting hoop.”

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