Hi, everyone! This is Alia Bhatt,

and this is my 10 minute beauty routine.

[clock ticking]

My go-to for skin, building skin,

is to not really go for foundation.

I use it for when I’m shooting movies, ads, whatever.

But on me, I prefer to go for skin tints.

Like I’m a bit of a mixologist.

I like to make a nice concoction of, you know, products,

and put them together and see how they land up.

So, oh, I didn’t mention my routine’s name.

This is my…

What I’m calling it is my sunburned glow.

You know that feeling that you feel after being in the sun

all day where you’re like, tired, but there’s like,

this glow on your face and you just like,

are naturally flushed and you just look like, you know,

a child of the earth?

I wanna go for that look, so that’s what I’m trying.

I’m using Summer Friday’s skin tint.

I love it. It’s a sheer skin tint

and it just works beautifully on my skin,

and I’m gonna mix it with this KIKO Primer.

I love primers, and this one in particular,

because it’s like a highlighter, it’s a primer

and it’s a cream, so it’s like, super hydrating.

So I mix these two together.

And I use my hands, yes.

I’m not very comfortable using a blush

when I’m applying my skin tint.

I feel like I get a better coverage when I’m using my hands.

And again, for me it’s not really about the coverage.

I want the skin to kind of look like skin.

I love to show my freckles off.

So this is my new favorite concealer, Kosas.

I love creamy concealers, but again,

concealers for me is just coverage,

like, covering all the little spots, under eyes.

[upbeat music]

You know, earlier I never used to feel the need

to even cover my under eyes, and I’m not bragging,

but now of late, since I’ve hit 30,

or maybe just lack of sleep for the past year.

New mom life.

So then I just basically cover all these spots,

and you will see that I go over them again and again.


This is my new favorite, Glossier.

It’s called Beam. It’s cheek color.

Now, I’m going for this like peachy vibe,

’cause I wanna get that little…

So this will be my next step is to get the cheek color in,

and this is just phase one of cheek color,

but I take a healthy amount and I make like a C curve.

And the trick here is to not stop it on the cheek.

Go over my nose.

Okay, go back, see here?

So it’s actually, it’s like a W.

And I also like to put it on my chin,

and a little bit here.

Okay, now I’m gonna try and better this, and…

[clicks tongue] Contour.

So, to achieve that little kind of tan feel,

I will go harder on my contour.

What I’m using is Milk, the contour stick.

I actually love it.

When I’m working on a movie, for me it’s all about, like,

I feel 50% of the getting into the character is the look.

So the costume, the hair, the makeup.

So I really go with my director’s vision there,

and I let, you know, the technicians kind of do their thing

and have fun, because I feel it just collaborating

with creative minds, that’s one of the things you

as an actor or a creative, you know,

anybody in the creative field lives for.

Post this, I will powder.

So going for this kind of sunburned skin vibe,

I’m not gonna powder too much,

I’m just gonna powder my under eye,

’cause I don’t want that to lift off.

Just to set that in nicely, I’m using Hourglass.

It’s my most favorite powder,

because it’s like sheer super translucent,

illuminating, et cetera, et cetera.

[Alia humming]

Okay, eyes. I was gifted this palette last week

by a friend of mine.

It’s the Too Faced palette Pinker Times Ahead.

I mean, that’s so cute.

And it’s genuinely very pink.

So I’m gonna mix this, this, and this together.

So it’s like a peachy.

First I’ll go in with the peachy.

Okay, so I’ll first go in with the peachy,

then I’ll kind of mix in the little more, like,

the deeper dustier pink.

Just dabby-wabby with it.

I love pink on the eyes.

This lighter guy.

And then I’m gonna go over that again with the peachy.

There’s like a little lighter, like a whiteish color,

which I’m just gonna use for my corners.

Just so it blends really nicely.

Again, most of my makeup, I have literally learned

looking at my makeup artist’s hand.

Her name is Punit, and the way she moves her brush

on my face, like, that was the first, like,

that’s how I started really understanding how to move

a brush on my face and understand that this is like,

literally what I can do.

Like, I don’t think I could do a smokey eye and stuff.

I have not, I’m not paid that much attention to that,

you know, particular routine.

I’ve worked with her for about eight years now.

She’s like my family.

Yeah, she did my Met Gala look, she did my wedding.

Yeah, she’s like family.

Okay, I’m going over it again and again.

So like I said, my go-to is always this skin-like vibe,

so sometimes the tones are more brown,

sometimes the tones are way more pink,

sometimes they’re in this pinky peachy space.

So that was eyes.

Super chill, very light.

Whenever I put mascara on, it just changes my face

completely, so I was, you know, in search for the mascara

that does that the least, okay?

So I have a couple of favorites,

but today I’m gonna use two different ones,

ones that I’m not always used.

First, I’m gonna curl my lash.

So curling lashes, which again, learned from Punit,

otherwise earlier when people used to try, I’d be like…

[laughs] So scared that my eye was going to just leave me.

So currently I’m really loving the Gucci mascara,

because it’s super light and I like the brush.

It doesn’t get too much of the mascara on,

and the idea is to just get that really nice light lift.

So I don’t go too close to the lash line so that I don’t get

a little, you know, that blackness inside.

Just looks like I have long, beautiful lashes.

Which I do. Kind of.

Whenever I work with makeup artists internationally,

and they’re like, I love your lashes, I love ’em,

I say, Really?

Using two different mascara.

And for the lower lid, I’m using this mascara that I saw.

It’s called Tower 28.

It’s meant for sensitive eyes, which I was very attracted to

because of late, I don’t know whether this is like,

a post-pregnancy thing, but my eyes have become

very sensitive to certain mascaras, certain eye makeup,

or I don’t know whether it’s just dry eyes,

so I’m very particular about the mascara that I choose.

So this for the lower lid, because again,

I don’t like to go without mascara on the lower lid,

but I also don’t like it to look too much,

so this is just nice and perfect.

So this is mascara.

After this, I’m gonna go in with brows.

For this vibe, I’m going super chill with the brows

My go-to is Benefit for brows.

Also, I let my brows grow out now.

I’ve not been shaping them too much.

So it is denser on the top, which again, I like.

Usually I go for the powder and the wax.

Now I’m going only for the powder,

because there’s like powder here and wax.

Through lockdown, I became very self-reliant

when it came to removing hair from my body and my face.

Literally they were like, I would spend hours watching…

What’s that show?

There’s this show, I used to watch this show, random show.

I used to spend hours just watching that show,

three hours of it and like, just waxing myself.

It was really fun.

I would sit on a towel on my floor and wax away.

Too Hot To Handle, that was the show! [laughs]

And my sister would walk in and be like,

what are you doing?

You know, this is not… [laughs]

What is this visual?

So this is Hourglass, and this is what I’m gonna use

for blush again, and I’m gonna go for the dusty pink

and the darker bronzer.

Over the nose.

I’m gonna go for some more contour vibes.

Hourglass contour powder.

So I can get that little burntish feel.

Okay, highlighter next.

Another new highlighter that I have been enjoying

is the Milk highlighter.

I like it because it just gives you the little subtle glow.

Rare Beauty highlighter that I think just really

gives that last final, like, impact.

And I actually dab it down so that sheen just…

Okay, last but not the least, I’m gonna go with this.

Revlon. It’s like a creamy lip lipstick,

but it’s also matte, it’s a matte finish.

And it’s got that peachy [smacks lips] tone.

Dab it off to get that…

Like, I like it to look like a stain.

And then I also end up spilling all over,

so then I have to clean it.

My mom would do this a lot.

She would apply lipstick, she’d go all over her mouth,

I’d be like, what are you doing?

Can’t, like, color within the lines.

And I’ll end with the Rhode lip balm.

This, like, a lip balm is always in my bag. Always.

So, lip balm, lipstick.

So I put the lipstick, lip balm,

put the lipstick, lip balm..

That is just my go-to.

This is unscented, because I have a tendency

to eat my lip balm up when it’s really yummy,

but I also love the salted caramel one,

but it’s so yummy that I eat it up, literally.

Okay, actually I’m done.

This is my sunburned go-to night out

10-minute beauty routine.

[bell dinging]

Okay, so thanks for tuning into my 10-minute beauty routine.

I hope you enjoyed it,

and I hope I’m looking sunburned-ly glowy.

Have fun and take care.

See you next time!

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