Cardi B has a packed resumé. She’s a rapper, entrepreneur, TV star, film star and now, a runway model! Cardi was one of the models at Balenciaga’s fall 2024 show in Los Angeles, but we almost didn’t recognize her on the West Hollywood pavement runway — and it’s all because of her brows.

Cardi is no stranger to transforming her look with wigs and makeup, but we’ve never seen her with super skinny brows like this before. For the show, the musician wore her hair parted in the middle and slicked down and back in a ponytail, all the better to show off those scroll-stopping brows: razor-thin and penciled on with mathematical precision with a high arch and long length, hitting just near the outer corner of her eye. They’re a big change for the star, who typically wears a thicker brow, but they’re really working.

Makeup artist Erika La’ Pearl, who frequently works with Cardi, covered up the star’s actual brows and penciled the thin arches oh-so-precisely atop them, drawing in an upward motion for a lifted, sleek vibe that blends elements of Old Hollywood, the glitz and grunge of the ’90s and the dawn of 2024. Brow shapes and sizes may change with the trend cycle, but the glamour of the skinny brow is forever.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – DECEMBER 02: Cardi B walks the runway down South Windsor Boulevard during the Balenciaga Fall 2024 fashion show on December 02, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)Taylor Hill/Getty Images

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