Whenever I show my house in stories, I get some DMs asking for links and sources to things, so I thought what better time than CHRISTMAS to put it all in one place to share with you!

I have some friends from high school who started a Christmas decorating service, and oh my goodness they are MAGIC!!! They came over and transformed my entire home for the holidays, and to say I’m obsessed is an understatement! You can find them on Instagram HERE and they can use your current decor, or source new pieces for you too. If you’re local in Utah, I can’t recommend them enough!

I will link everything room by room, below, and then I will link out anything that I’m able to, that I used to decorate for Christmas. I’ll share some decorating tips they gave me as well!

Christmas is such a fun, cozy time in our home, so I’m so excited to share it with you!


table / white chairs / similar table runner / french mason jar / cypress sprays / bells / red berries / cypress & berry stems / ribbon was locally sourced


slope leather barstools / rattan pendant lights / pine wreath (used two) / pendant stems (two per light) / ribbon / bells & frosted berries sourced locally


norfolk garland / cypress garland (highly recommend getting the case of 6, you will use them all and it’s way cheaper!) / brown ribbon


candlesticks / second set of candlesticks / large command hooks / garland (use a cheaper one as a base and then build on it!) / layered with norfolk garland / bells / ribbon / stems / pinecones


They used green floral wire to attach all of the ornaments, and they used it to tie together garlands and wreaths as well. The cloth covering on this specific one helps prevent scratching on your wood, and also is SO easy to work with, as opposed to a normal coil of floral wire.

A great rule of thumb they shared for tree ornaments is – 1 of each type of ornament, for each 1 foot of tree. So, if you have a 12 foot tree, you should be purchasing 10-12 ornaments of each type! They used about 10 types of ornaments, and then also 6 types of stems. A lot of our stems are sold out :(, but I will link them next year ahead of time!

My tree was from Costco, and sold out now, but I searched high and low for some similar options for you guys, so I’ll link those below!

for ornaments, garland hanging, and grouping stems / timers / champagne ornaments / 5″ glass flocked ornaments / ribbon / pinecone stems / wooden beads / eucalyptus stems / smaller ornaments / similar tree


pillows are old from target, but similar linked here and here / coffee table / fiddle figs / swivel chairs / bench / mirror / tree / picture frames 

And that’s it! That blog post was long, thanks for sticking with me through it :). It was a labor of love, and I hope the links help you make your home cozy for christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, babes!

XO, Abby

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