Our lips can get chapped and tender no matter the season, but the best lip mask — an intensive formula that’s often thicker and more nourishing than even the best lip balms — can offset dryness and soften, smooth, and plump the lips. Unlike balms, lip oils, and lip glosses, they’re intended to last even longer than their lightweight counterparts, so you don’t have to reapply quite so often. For that reason, these lip products work best in your nighttime lip-care routine (although you can slather it on anytime if your lips need the extra TLC).

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Emollients like ceramides and fatty acids often do much of the heavy lifting in lip masks, but, as with face masks, you can find other active ingredients in there, too, for more targeted results. For instance, you can find formulas that exfoliate (making quick work of flakes) and offer a subtle plumping effect, as well as others that boost collagen production to tackle fine lines around the mouth. Slather on these moisturizing lip treatments while you sleep, commute to work, or whenever you need long-lasting hydration. With that, keep scrolling to explore the best lip mask of every variety.

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