Every time Martha Stewart posts a selfie, the internet loses it. The 82-year-old entrepreneur is a beauty icon in her own right and fans have been begging for her skin-care — or, perhaps more accurately, dermatological — secrets. Now, Stewart is getting more candid than ever about what non-invasive procedures she’s had done on her podcast, the aptly named The Martha Stewart Podcast. Her dermatologist, Dan Belkin, MD, whom she met via her daughter Alexis, joined her on the most recent episode to share every cosmetic procedure he allegedly does on the icon.

You have to be very, very good at your job to pass the Martha test, and Stewart considers Dr. Belkin an “artist.” She’s been working with him for several years and even takes a minute during the pod to praise the lighting in his office. “Everybody is so interested when they see a selfie of me,” Stewart shares of the impetus behind the podcast episode. “So many comments are about my facelift, who did it, when did I have it done, how much retouching is on the photograph…”

The two of them say there hasn’t been a facelift, just strategic Botox, fillers, lasers, and skin-tightening treatments. According to Dr. Belkin, Stewart is a “real testament to the idea that taking care of your body, taking care of your skin, doing minimally invasive treatments conservatively and regularly can keep you looking beautiful at any age.”

Dr. Belkin says he uses Botox to reduce “downward pull” on the face in the jawline and neck to reduce “banding on the neck.” Stewart doesn’t love Botox, saying it makes her brows “go up in a V and looks so unnatural.” (She’s previously spoken about her dislike for facial Botox.) However, they say it’s their go-to on her lower face area, particularly on her neck.

Dr. Belkin says he uses a conservative amount of filler for Stewart’s face, opting for the biostimulatory fillers Sculptra and Radiesse on Stewart’s jaw and cheeks, which can hollow as you age. These fillers create volume by stimulating collagen production, as well as improving skin texture and elasticity.

Dr. Belkin says he also uses lasers such as Fraxel on Stewart, particularly on her chest. “My décolletage and across my chest looks so good now. That is a combination of your work and Pilates,” she says. The dermatologist has also implemented some skin-tightening devices and techniques for the star. “ We did a little Softwave, which is an ultrasound-based tightening device, and we’ve done a little bit of Ulthera, which is a great ultrasound-based skin-tightening that works,” he explains. They say they have not done microneedling, and Stewart isn’t a huge fan of peels, either.

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